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diarrhea vomit

Yellow vomit and diarrhea (6 year old)?
My step daughter has been continuously been throwing up for the past 7 hours. Not only that but she has diarrhea so bad that she will go on herself without realizing it (she’s trying to sleep). It’s 6am right now and I’m sure she will have to go vomit at least 3 times during this hour. We were on the road traveling for 6 hours and by the ending hours is when she threw up the worst. She cant keep food down …. Ahhhh I’m so worried. What could it be?! No fever, just yellow vomiting and diarrhea. She’s 6. Please help!!!

Answer by Ciara
get her to the doctor! she could become dehydrated

Answer by Angrydoc
Caution: This may be the Symptoms of

Gastero enteritis
Cholera……etc etc

Caution, she is not trying to sleep——but she had been dehydrated and tired due to fluid dose.

Try to go to hospital nearby… or if cant, give her a black tea and put 5 drops of fresh lemon juice in it (Home treatment tip)

Give plenty of water, salty food and sweets. To maintain blood sugar and serum sodium levels (Most altered in these cases

Answer by Katy
You need to get her to a hospital NOW.
The vomit and diarrhoea will dehydrate her. She is in danger of passing out if she gets too dehydrated. If she does, you need to put her on her back with her face to the side, her left thumb level with her nose and her right foot level with her left knee, to stop her from choking on her own vomit (the standard position for someone who is throwing up and who has passed out) Go to the hospital now – if she chokes she could die.

diarrhea vomit:Yellow vomit and diarrhea (6 year old)?


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