Yellow diarrhea, vomiting and acid reflux? Can anyone give me a quick diagnosise?
I’ve been sick for 5 days, and I can’t see a doctor…bc I don’t have healthcare at the moment and it’s too expensive.

Day 1: Feeling dizzy, weak, left work early. Had normal looking Diarrhea, almost threw up.

Day 2: Ate a hotdog, vomited it several hours later. Diarrhea was liquid. Ate crackers..only thing I could eat. Tried Kaopectate; not sure if it did anything. Trouble sleeping kept running to bathroom all night, weird nightmares

Day 3: Ate a bowl of noodle soup, stomach felt better. No more throwing up. But had yellowish brown diarrhea. Able to digest food now but stool is abnormal. Still, up almost all night

Day 4: Ate some sweet n’ sour chicken(I figured it was light enough) and kept it down. Nausiea feeling never comes back but stool is soft loose yellow mostly diarrhea. Seems as if half of it is stomach acids. Slept normally
Day 5: Today, haven’t eaten anything yet but very hungry=as I lay in my bed my stomach makes weird noises. I pushed down on it and I hear
gassy noises.

I’ve definitely improved from being curled up in a fetal position on my couch or bed-to now just having yellowish brown diarrhea stool..

I still am out of work and I’m confined to my house.

I wonder if peptobismol will do anything?
Another thing… could I eat fiber? I really miss my morning bowl of raisin bran. Not a big fan of noodle soup, tea and toast

Answer by Hal 9000
Bad food, just rest eat white rice, boiled potato, and yogurt
’till the bad stuff get off your body

good luck

Answer by bryce k
there is a reason the body has diarrhea. it helps rid the body of what is toxic to it. immodium and pepto help stop diarrhea but then the substance your body is getting rid of stays. your urine is yellow because you are dehydrated. drink a lot of water or gatorade to replenish your system. this may take several days. diarrhea dehydrates the body very quickly.the best advice is to try to keep your diet simple. broth, jello, lots of clear liquids. add saltine and club crackers because they act as a binder in the colon and will mae your poop less runny. if your poop doesn’t start to harden back up in 3 to 4 days, start taking immodium. just get the over the counter brand and follow the directions. but be careful to stop before you’re completely well as it may cause constipation. the noises in your stomach are air. as your system evacuated the nasty thing making it sick, it filled with air. nothing to worry about unless your in public alot and worried about the farting. this is virus season as i’m sure you already know, a virus has to just run it’s course. nothing you can do about it. takes about 10 days. if you start to run a fever and it gets above 101.5, take tylenol 500mg every 4 hours and ibuprofen 400 mg every 6 hors. you’ll be fine in time.

Answer by TweetyBird
Sorry but you most definitely cannot be diagnosed online and you can’t be medically diagnosed by anyone other than an NP, PA or MD. Discontinue the antidiarreals for now and the diet you’re currently using and switch to the BRAT diet – Bananas, plain Rice, Applesauce and dry Toast. Stick to this until your stools have been more solid and more formed for 24 hours before introducing your regular diet one or two items at a time. Keep up your water intake, 2-3 liters throughtout the day. Use Imodium instead of Kaopectate, according to the directions.

If you don’t see and feel a difference 3 days from now, find a free clinic in your immediate area and go there. It’s possible that you have bacterial gastroenteritis but please don’t consider this a diagnosis.

Answer by boron
Noodle soup is a good source of salt+liquid, which you need to prevent dehydration. If you don’t like it, you can try Gatorade or other sport drink with salt and sugar (which both enhance rehydration). The sign of appropriate hydration is clear morning urine (translucent or bright yellow), at least 200 ml. If you achieve that, you can go with plain water, tea or fruit juice. Avoid colas/sodas and milk.

You can eat virtually everything, there’s no rules about diet in diarrhea. You can eat fibers, they will make stool bulkier though, so you may want to have smaller portions. Salt crackers are good also. Only avoid fat (red meat, cheese etc). Basically eat (or don’t eat) as you feel. You should drink in any case.

It’s possible, you’ve got infection from food poisoning – this should improve in few days. If no improvement after a week, and yellow stool persist, it is possible that you acquired a liver disease (hepatitis), or a gallstone blocked your bile duct, which both may prevent bile flow into intestine (bile gives normal brown color to the stool). In both cases, you would feel at least some discomfort in upper right abdomen.

If no specific pain in that area, it was probably bacterial infection from food/water poisoning. This in most cases go away with no antibiotics and no treatment at all.

diarrhea and vomiting:Yellow diarrhea, vomiting and acid reflux? Can anyone give me a quick diagnosise?

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