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Will a high fever of 103 cause vomiting?
Will having a high fever cause a person to vomit? Will it make them nauseous or queasy? Other symptoms are loose bowel movement and dizziness. Any ideas?

Answer by KIZIAH
It’s most likely the other way around. You probably have a stomach bug that is causing these symptoms along with the fever. You probably need to see a doctor. You run the risk of getting dehydrated if you can’t keep anything down. Feel better.

Answer by sexyteddy
A high fever is your body fighting an infection. Add vomiting, loose bowels and dizziness and I would say you need to see the doctor. Now.

Answer by EB
Usually those symptoms go together because they are all symptoms of one thing. A high fever doesn’t usually cause vomiting. These symptoms can be any type of infection or virus, really. If it doesn’t clear up soon, best to see a doc.

vomiting fever:Will a high fever of 103 cause vomiting?


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2011-04-06 15:10:36

Usually if you have a stomach virus it makes you vomit more with 103 temperature

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