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Why does intense physical pain cause nausea and vomiting?
If say you’ve just got a really bad migrane, there’s nothing else wrong with you, no bugs or infections etc but you end up vomiting because you’re in so much pain. What causes this?

Answer by Nahum
Vomiting is a primal reflex meant to get rid of toxins. Certain poisons may cause symptoms similar to having a migraine, so the body reacts with nausea. Same thing happens when you are dizzied or have stomach pain (e.g. from being punched in the gut).

The primality is also seen when someone becomes nauseous by seeing someone else vomit—until recently in human history, people tended to eat together, so this was a protective reaction to keep others from getting as sick as someone who was visibly poisoned.

nausea vomiting:Why does intense physical pain cause nausea and vomiting?


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