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Why does drinking coffee cause diarrhea and burning pain?
I’ve been getting this burning pain in my upper abdomen off and on for a few years now. It seems to be brought on by stress, coffee, soda, and sometimes alcohol. But coffee is the worse. It’s so bad, that one cup of coffee has literally caused me to have diarrhea for 2 days. I’ve given up coffee, but I’m still having issues. I’ve been to the doctor about it, she ran some tests, but found nothing. Anyone else ever had this problem? Did you ever figure out what was wrong with you?

Answer by Ginny Jin
It depletes the electrolytes in your system causing cramps and dehydration.

Answer by luckymofo4784
Yes…this did happen to me for awhile.

First off, I had to stop putting ANY dairy products in my coffee since it was causing me to have really painful cramps and diarrhea. Not to mention VERY attractive bloating! I found out it was because I had lactose intolerance. Do you have any sensitivity to dairy?

Also, you could have ulcers or your stomach lining is nil to none. Do you experience heartburn? Have you undergone any recent events that cause you to be abnormally stressed?

Also, try having her test for Chron’s Disease. Many of your symptoms match this disease.

It’s worth a shot but in the meantime I would lay off all of the above. Good luck with everything and I hope you feel better!

Answer by alien3starr
You just react badly to coffee. This often happens from the caffeine in coffee, tea, and sodas. Lay off the Caffeine and you should be fine. Also, if you put milk in your coffee, you could be lactose intolerant which causes diarrhea. So try to stop drinking milk products and see if that helps.

Answer by Lauren R
Coffee can be an irritant. It happens to my husband all the time. His stomach can’t handle coffee. Coffee, soda and alcohol are all very acidic. It sounds like the acid is bothering your stomach and that is very normal. Try antacids. First try cutting out those beverages and see if that helps. I think your stomach is just extra sensitive to the acidity. It’s nothing to worry about and it’s nothing that would show up on a test. Be more careful about what you eat or drink.

pain diarrhea:Why does drinking coffee cause diarrhea and burning pain?


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