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vomiting diarrhea children

why am I vomiting,sweating and have diarrhea?
This morning i woke up and was just fine. I got my child ready for school, fed her and still I was just fine. Within about 3 minutes (not an exaggeration) I went from fine to sitting on the toilet with diarrhea, my stomach killing me, vomiting into the trash can next to me and drenched in sweat. I have no fever, in fact my temp is below normal. It is now 3 agonizing hours later and i still feel bad. This is not the first time this has happened to me in the last few months. Any suggestions?

Answer by Kelsey S
i’m not a cerifeid doctor but it sounds you like you might have Somellena

Answer by Shabooboo B
might not be a fever, but maybe a flu?

or possibly pregnant again?

if i were you i wouldn’t be asking on here, i would be going to see a professional DR.

you should go to a walk in clinic right now.

Answer by cavsravens
Could be the flu…among other things.

Answer by Mali W
If it HAS been going on for a few months then it’s probably not a pregnancy – depending on what you count as ‘a few’. Salmonella doesn’t usually last this long either. All in all, it sounds like you need a trip to the doctors.

vomiting diarrhea children:why am I vomiting,sweating and have diarrhea?


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