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vomiting fever

When a diabetic gets the chills, fever, vomiting, and dizziness what can be causing it? Virus or more serious?
My dad is a diabetic. Since yesterday he has been in bed with everything in my qusetion. He refuses to go to ER and I want to know what it can be. He says its a cold but i don’t know. Just looking to see what you think it could be.

Answer by Lori M
Has he checked his blood surgar lately. It might be that he has either low or high blood surgar. My mother is diabetic and when she has all of the above symptoms it ususally just means that she needs to raise her blood surgar or she needs her medication to lower it. If it is not his blood surgar then he needs to get medical help very fast. Ask him to check his surgar.

Answer by sharon w
Check his blood sugar tonight.His symptoms could be a sign of infection some where,Having these symptoms can lead to quick dehydration,and lead to a crash with the blood sugar,and if he’s taken insulin or blood sugar pills today ,it may be critical that he gets medical attention.Call 911 if his sugar is way down,insulin shock,and losing conciseness is a real danger. No two diabetics will act alike,if this is unusual for your Dad,get him some medical attention ASAP. Take care. SW RNP

Answer by emt_me911
You dad needs help ASAP. When a diabetic gets sick, especially with vomiting, dehydration sets in and leads to DKA (diabetic ketoacidosis), which is serious and can be fatal.

It doesn’t sound to me that your dad is in his right mind right now. Chances are that his sugar levels are very high and that can lead to altered mental status (confusion, irritability).

Call 911. You dad needs medical attention now. This is serious.

Also…a cold typically does NOT cause vomiting. It’s probably a virus of some sort. However, DKA can cause nausea and vomiting. He needs rehydration and insulin to bring his sugar down. Call an ambulance. Don’t wait.


Answer by plants4fun@sbcglobal.net
He could have gastroenteritis. Which would make him have the chills,vomiting,and dizziness and his potassium could be high.

I had this last week and I was vomiting and laying in bed not wanting to do anything but sleep and vomiting and if I got up i felt dizzy and sick. My potassium was 7.6 and the normal is 4.

I would take him to the ER so he can get rehydrated and see if his potassium is high.

Answer by bspencer111
Chills and fever alone sounds like a infection to me. I had my toe amputated a yr ago and it still hasnt healed,,, about 5 months ago I had chills first then with in 30 mins spiked a fever of 103,,,I didnt go to drs for a month with this… I had a visiting nurse who called my dr and I ended up in the hospital for a week. Dont want to scare you but I had a infection that could have killed me the dr said.. if I hadnt got antibiotics I needed. make your dad go.. diabetics are prone to infections more than a normal person! Its nothing to mess with trust me ! Good luck!

Answer by Delilah
It could be a virus, but he really should go to the ER, especially if he’s insulin dependent. If he’s insulin dependent and can’t keep anything down, that’s going to really wreak havoc with his diabetes, and his electrolyte balance. It could be food poisoning. He needs to see a doctor asap.

vomiting fever:When a diabetic gets the chills, fever, vomiting, and dizziness what can be causing it? Virus or more serious?


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