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What’s wrong with me? Sore throat, vomiting, fever, etc.?
I have cold symptoms, such as chills, stuffy nose, cough, etc. I have a fever of 101.4 and I have an unbearably sore throat. I have no voice, it is extremely painful to swallow, and even just sitting here my throat is in a large amount of pain. I have also had frequent vomiting, especially after I eat and drink anything. I’ve taken medication but throw it up soon after. What’s going on here? I plan to go to urgent care in the morning when it opens.. but in the meantime I’m wondering if anyone knows what’s going on. This slowly started about two days ago and keeps getting worse. I would like to think it’s just the flu but my sore throat is just excruciating.
thanks everyone. turns out i have viral respiratory infection. =/

Answer by Marissa
You have Strep Throat. Every symptom you just described is something you would have if you had Strep. It is not flu, but you will be as sick as you would if you had the flu. I’m sorry, I’ve had Strep before and it was very painful!!!

Answer by Bud Light Girl

Answer by bubbles_02

Answer by TONIA B
I think you need to go to the doctor as soon as possible.

Answer by ♥♥♥
It is not strep. You would start throwing up with strep after a week of having it. It is most likely the flu..its going around. Just get lots of rest and go on the BRAT diet.

vomiting fever:What’s wrong with me? Sore throat, vomiting, fever, etc.?


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