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What to do for a sour stomach?
My husband has had a sour stomach for about 2 weeks off and on. He has a lot of stomach problems (acid reflux and ulcers) and has had a sour stomach before. But after treatment it usually goes away. He has vomiting, diarrhea and belching. It’s the most god awful smell. Like rotton eggs or something. We don’t currently have insurance so it’s not feasible to go to the Dr. unless we go to the ER. and that will cost a fortune. He is also lactose intalerant and thinks, that might be what is causing it. He has never had this bad of a reaction to dairy before.
He has tried acid reducers and the baking soda trick. He has had problems with ulcers since he was 2 and has had 2 surgeries for them, one when he was 2 and the other when he was 18. He know that he is supposed to take his lactose pills but he didn’t this time. I think he has learned his lesson. I am needing to know what to do with him now that what’s done is done. He is in sever pain , intermitently.

Answer by Albert H
Pepto Bismol, and the over the counter acid blockers like pepcid, zantac etc. used to be prescribed now freely available.
The latter works much better.

Answer by Netty
Hi, I live in China and have had some stomach trouble trying to eat what they do around here.

anyway, whenever I do, people always recommend the same thing: too-much-water-rice. that is my name for it. take some white rice, put in twice as much usual rice and cook it until it is semi-soupy and good and starchy.

it coats the inside of your stomach and really settles it.
it works for post-food poisoning problems. I am not sure about your husband, but I do know that the Chinese eat very limited dairy. this might help!

I pray things get better soon. god bless.

Answer by Robin
I would definitely cut out dairy first and see if that helps. I’ve known people whose lactose intolerance suddenly got much worse as adults, so it could definitely be that. If that doesn’t do it, start with an acid reducer pill like Pepcid. I would assume that he’s already tried that, though, if he’s had treatment for ulcers and acid reflux before. If the pills aren’t working, try mixing a teaspoon of baking soda with about 4 ounces of water and drinking it. Sometimes that helps me when the pills don’t (I have an ulcer and acid reflux also).

Definitely start with the dairy. Good luck and feel better!

Answer by stargazer
Move to Europe, and/or stop eating dairy. Switzerland is probably good. With all the focus on getting back to one’s roots illness may result from living in a less than ideal location

Answer by LIPPS

Answer by Moonfairy
There is no subsitute for a dr.. he really needs to get into see one. Check your local county health care they go on sliding scale and can take payments as well (aka free health clinic)..

Does he have any pain? If he is lactose intolerant then he needs to stay away from milk products! Get lactaid, they have it in milk form and it tastes the same..Also pill form

vomit and diarrhea:What to do for a sour stomach?


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