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What should i do? Am i sick? Diarrhea, stomach pain?
I have diarrhea and my stomach has been hurting and i have flem for a few days straight and i havent gone to my doctor yet and i dont know what to do please help.!!!

Answer by Chantal
Any diarrhea or vomitting for more than 24 hours straight should result in a visit to the doctor, especially in the summer. You will become extremely dehydrated. Drink small sips of gatorade if possible, to bring back the electolytes you will have lost.

Answer by 4th of July.
Just keep drinking fluids, you dont want to dehidrate your self.

Answer by Suku
Don’t panic, you might have a stomach virus. What’s important is that it is going on for a few days. While this is happening you should be drinking LOTS of fluids to replace what the body is losing. Dehydration is a result of fluid loss and then you’ll have more problems. I’m someone who prefers to allow the body to heal itself rather than running to a doctor but 3 days of this I would call the doctor. If you’re still going to wait try the BRAT diet. Bananas, rice, applesauce and toast until you feel better.

pain diarrhea:What should i do? Am i sick? Diarrhea, stomach pain?


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