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What is wrong with me?! Stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea for the past 2 months?
For the last 2-3 months, I’ve had really bad diarrhea (sometimes multiple times a day), sometimes purely liquid sometimes not. It happens at all hours of the day, often either when I wake up or when I try to eat. However, my condition has been getting a lot worse and I have begun to have stomach pains that are pretty much constant stomach pain (ranges from a burning sensation to one of anxiety). On top of that, now whenever I eat (regardless of what it is), I vomit (sometimes while I’m still eating, sometimes an hour or 2 later). I’ve tried eating different things but nothing seems to help. In the past week alone, I have lost nearly 10 lbs (I’m now under 100 lbs) and I’m constantly starving but unable to eat due to the fact that I can’t keep anything down. I’ve also had mild chills for the past week or so.

By the way, this happened about 6 months ago as well. Last time I was given some medication (forget the name) for what I think was GERD/ulcers and I was told to come back after 2 weeks but I never did (yes, I’m bad with doctors). It never FULLY went away, but it was tolerable up until recently.

I’m probably going to go to the hospital (doctor is on vacation), but where I live the waits at the hospital are well over 10 hours long so I really want to have some kind of idea of what I may be dealing with to make sure I get all the proper testing done when I go.

Oh, and I’m only 20 years old.

Anyway.. Any input would be appreciated!

Answer by Mark D
You absolutely need to go to your doctor. You may have a parasite of some sort, which they will probably test for, especially if you traveled or went camping recently.

Answer by haraseroom
go to the doc for sure…it may be chrones disease…or another ulcer

happy waiting in the ER !

i hope you feel better

vomit and diarrhea:What is wrong with me?! Stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea for the past 2 months?


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