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vomiting diarrhea virus

what is a quick fix for a stomach virus?
i have a stomach virus, vomiting diarrhea body aches what i can i do to alleviate my self

Answer by bv0r_27
Apple Juice.

Answer by toree_♥
drink water.

Answer by Rosa V.
eating raw garlic…4 hrs later you’ll be all good.

Answer by Chula
Hot Herbal Tea and dry toast or with unsalted crackers.
Aaaawww………sorry your tummy isn’t feeling good, hope you feel much better real soon. : )

Answer by megalomaniac
Lots of water with a little ginger and lots of sleep.

Answer by maritzabx
I’ve tried Imodiom and it helps

Answer by mariebear
H2O and sleep.

Answer by north b
Black walnut hull capsules and garlic will help a lot.

Answer by charlton_g_w
3-4 drops pure oregano oil 2-3 times a day in either a glass of water or dropped into 0 or 00 capsules (not filling either) and swallowed. better is the first option but strong in flavour!

Answer by Astera
Drink plenty of water, get sleep, and sip on some Sprite or some other fizzy drink.

vomiting diarrhea virus:what is a quick fix for a stomach virus?


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