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nausea vomiting

What foods/drinks are good to ease nausea or vomiting?
My boyfriend has been throwing up for the past two days. He was fine for several hours yesterday, but then he had some beers, and ended up getting sick for an entire night. He told me that as a child, he was prone to nausea and vomiting, usually having food poisoning. Because we kiss, and I haven’t gotten any stomach bug, I can safely assume that he has food poisoning. So far today he has not thrown up but he has some nauseous feelings. Anyway I’m running out to the store to get him some stuff that will help him. Any ideas?

Answer by Lynnie
Ginger ale.
Tell him not to eat anything else too heavy.
Once he starts to get better, give him toast or crackers; something light.

Answer by christina c
my dad used to be a medic in the army and this is what he had my brother and i do every time we got sick like this. have him drink weak hot tea and then saltine crackers. on the saltine crackers have him nibble on them as if he were a mouse eating them. also have him lay on his right side (that keeps the acid in his stomach draining away from his stomach. it’s the acid in his stomach that is making him sick). place a cool damp cloth on his throat and his forehead. just damp not wet. wet will only run and will only make him cold and cause him to shiver and then get sick to his stomach again. once he can hold down the weak tea and crackers then try him on clear soup and jello and see ghow he does on that. if he throws it up then go back to the weak hot tea and crackers. contniu until he can handle solid foods like eggs,toast,etc. Many Blessings and i hoope he gets to feeling better soon.

nausea vomiting:What foods/drinks are good to ease nausea or vomiting?


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