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What could cause nausea (no vomiting) a for a week besides pregnancy?
I don’t think I am pregnant & nausea is not a pre-menstrual symptom for me. I have been having this queasiness for going on a week & my period is due in 4 days… Please help.

Answer by Rebecca
You could have a stomach virus or could be so nervous about being pregnant you’re making yourself sick.

Calm down. You’ll know in a few days and stressing out could make your period late. Then it’ll really be up in the air if that happens.

Worrying about it isn’t going to change anything so drink lots of fluids and take some pepto bismol.

Answer by Sara
Being dehydrated can cause nausea. There could be food allergens too. And your hormones may just be a little off.

Answer by ZombieStar
this has also recently happened to me and i was so freaked that i might be prego, even tho i knew i wasn’t. i was throwing up everyday for a week but i kept taking this naseu medicine found at any pharmacy (it’s a liquid and taste like candy, it’s not icky) but i just ate foods that were easy on my stomach and tried relaxation therapy. hope you feel better soon!

nausea vomiting:What could cause nausea (no vomiting) a for a week besides pregnancy?


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