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What causes stomach pain, nausea, and diarrhea?
My mom has been sick for about 5 days now….everything she eats goes right through her and she has been have fatigue also..what could this be?

Answer by tactheemt
Sounds like a stomach virus. Have her drink ginger ale or sprite, and eat saltines until she can hold food down. Being she has been like this for 5 days she has to be close if not already dehydrated. Id suggest you have her see her doctor as soon as possible.

Answer by scangineer
This happened to me a year ago only it lasted 24 days. No one could figure it out and I lost 28 pounds. I went to the emergency and they gave me an IV with fluids. Make sure your mom gets plenty of electrolytes and Potassium. I quit eating for two days and only had broth and juice. After that I added rice and bananas and yogurt for about three days. After that it got better.

Answer by T Stone
I have seen types of food poison or a simple bacteria virus make people sick for several days . what did she eat 24 to 48 hours before till she got sick? is anyone else you know sick that ate the same food? Note serious health problems to death can be cause buy food or other poisons . Say she ate a food that had been in contact with a pest type poison or food that got below recommended temperature . She should go to the doctor . asap.

pain diarrhea:What causes stomach pain, nausea, and diarrhea?


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