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what can I do for nausea and vomiting with dizziness?
i wake up very early in the morning feeling dizzy with nausea and vomiting. I only feel dizzy when i am laying down, but still have nausea and vomiting when sitting or standing.

Answer by maxthepax
check your blood pressure

Answer by berna j
please see your doctor,but you may try,,deep breathing,side lying first before sitting…

Answer by babyblues
could you be pregnant?
i get nausa in the morning to but never vomit, i also am dizzy in the morning but i no that the dizziness may be linked to an iron deficiency.

to stop the nausia i have breakfast even though i dont feel like eating and it goes away! i have nooo idea why

i also get the shakes in the morning

Answer by HerbalPhil Wellness Warrior!
Please see your Doctor immediately? I am praying for you.

Nutritionally, if there is nothing “medically wrong”, it can be digestive. Have you tried a good quality aloe vera drink, without sugar and additives. I market the best quality one in the market place, it is six times stronger than our nearest competitor and can be diluted to taste. It has live B12 enzymes which aid digestion, and a camomile which is calming for the anxiety caused by not knowing. So please see your doctor, has this been happening long?

Sometimes it can be pregnancy. A friend of mine, lost weight with her child because she kept vomitting up all food she put down. Basically a baby parasites its food from the host, a mother. So boosting and maximizing with quality foods and nutrition combined, along with any doctor approved medication the doctor ordered too. As most Doctors in most degrees do not have a stand alone nutritional subject in their degrees even specialists, be hesitant about prejudice they may have, not knowing? Do you want an opinion or fact?

Sometimes a blocked sinus or an inner ear infection causes dizziness in me, but as I don’t get these often or know anything about medicine, I suggest you get a check up to be safe?

When I get a blocked sinus? I use Tiger Balm, a Chinese grease like cream which you place at the sinus and boy, do they water and clear quickly and calmly without taking anything, propbably because you are vomitting?

Can I suggest also you replenish water with luke warm or tepid water, a drink with electrolytes in it, and say, some lactobacilus asidopholis bacterial supplement without dairy?

Stick to a bland diet?

Are you diabetic?

Have you had your blood pressure checked lately? blood pressure is known as the silent killer.

Basically find out what is wrong, if you can not get to a doctor due to extreme weather, this has been happening for a long time? Call an ambulance on either 911 or 000 if you are in Australia? Not being able to get medical help is not an excuse, is a friend a doctor who can house visit?

Do you mind if I pray for you? I am going to pray it is not food poisioning which can be just as serious, and if it is that is gets found out, that if it is an intollerance to some food that you find what it is, but most of all, I am going to pray, for your health, wealth, and happiness, in an abundance, or in what amounts you feel most comfortable.

Please get medical help immediately, it is serious?

Answer by Cedar
My doctor says that it shouldn’t be blood pressure causing it if you’re feeling dizzy laying down – since your horizontal, blood should still be able to get to your head. I’m pretty sure some health issues are specific to dizziness only while laying down (sorry don’t know what they are – but hopefully that can narrow it down!).

You should definitely see a doctor about this! They can check your inner ears by testing your eyes’ response to movement. They can also check your brain with a CT or MRI – all those tests are pretty painless :) The nausea and vomiting tests are a bit less fun – some of them are just more scans (like x-rays and ultrasounds) but sometimes you have to swallow lots of barium-loaded stuff, or weird fizzy water, or radioactive food… It’s okay, really – just not so fun if you’re nauseous. Seeing the pictures is really cool, though!

I hope you find out what’s wrong! I’m sorry you’re sick :(

nausea vomiting:what can I do for nausea and vomiting with dizziness?


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