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Vomiting, headaches and diarrhea, oh my?
This is about to get gross so if you can’t handle it then answer a different question.
Okai so i can’t stop going #2 and its really soft and in small chunks..
My head aches have been coming and going through out the last 3 days.
My Vomiting was randomly this morning after taking my vitamins (no food)
I keep getting really bad stomach cramps and lower intestine cramps.
Besides go to a doctor what should i do?
I’m 17 (female) i eat like any other teenager, maybe not as healthy as i should, but im 5’6 and 107 pounds. I took peptobismal it only helped for a day.

Answer by D F
Sounds like a virus. Make sure you drink enough fluids, and if you can’t keep them down, sip water throughout the day. A few days without real food won’t hurt you, but lack of fluid can put you in the hospital. So if you can’t keep anything down and the diarrhea stays bad, you will need to get to the doc or ER for something to stop the nausea and diarrhea. Another thing that can help is to sip gatorade so that your electrolytes don’t get screwed up. That can make the dizziness/nausea worse.

Get lots of rest and maybe take an anti-diahhreal pill, like kaopectate tablets. They are godsends.

Answer by Shptludrop
It sounds like a basic case of a bad stomach flu. You should first of all, eat NOTHING. You need to give your intestines a break. Drink water, soda (without the fizz), and not cold!! You can remove the carbonation by pouring it into a glass, then back and forth, until it’s flat. It doesn’t taste that great, but it will help. Try coke and 7-up. Do not eat anything for at least 24 hours, until you feel more settled. Try taken an Imodium tablet if you’re still going to the bathroom a lot. When you’re better, eat really basic, bland foods like white rice, bananas, toast without butter.

vomiting diarrhea headache:Vomiting, headaches and diarrhea, oh my?


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