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vomit and diarrhea

vomiting & diarrhea for 5 days straight can’t keep anything down?
I became ill Friday night and went to the ER Saturday morning because I couldn’t stop vomiting. They did the injections and I felt okay to go home, so I did. I ended up BACK in the ER the next day because I felt even more awful than the day before and I still couldn’t hold anything down. Every sip of water, even Pedialyte (dr recommended me to try that because of dehydration) comes back up and I’m at my wits end. I’m vomiting blood and bile because there’s nothing in my system and every time I call my doctor he tells me to “ride it out” that it’s Gastroenteritis. I get what it is. I want something to help the damn symptoms.

I have zofran tabs, can’t take them either…. they make vomiting even worse.

I know there’s a lot going around right now, but any info from anyone would be great. I’m exhausted and so sick of being sick. What do you do to keep liquids down?

Answer by Muffins
Oh you poor thing! if you can try and keep something down try Gatorade or Powerade, it rehydrates you, just sip on it throughout the day, try plain bread? or jello? or banana?
and have some yakult it will put good bacteria back into your stomach!

good luck!

Answer by Rayen
Vomiting and diarrhea for 5 days is a lot. Blood in your vomit is certainly a cause for possible concern. You may have had food poisoning, but even that by now should be getting better. If it’s a virus, there’s not a lot you can do, unfortunately. Old standards are ginger ale (the kind with real ginger, not artificially flavored, not diet), or real ginger tea; or 7-up (not diet); and regular, plain saltines. It is important that you keep sipping liquids (clear soda pop is very good for this). If the blood in your vomit continues, or gets worse, you need a doctor. If yours continues to be unresponsive, I would consider finding a new one. Also, you didn’t mention a fever. If you have no fever, this is not a virus so you need to be checked for other causes. Good luck.

Answer by Babloo
dude try himalaya liv 52 its ayurvedic n what u said is symptoms of jaundice even i had it just stop eating oil fried foods alcholic beverages or else it may lead to liver cancer… Keep ur body hydrated have lots of vitamin c such as lemons and oranges thats all what i know follow this procedure 4 six months

vomit and diarrhea:vomiting & diarrhea for 5 days straight can’t keep anything down?


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