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vomiting diarrhea fever cold chills what is it and what do we do?
we ate out last night some wings and my husband is really sick vomiting diarrhea all night he has a fever cold chills and slight chest pain having a little hard time breathing and obviously cant sleep what could it be and what should we do

Answer by Wikipedia
Go to emergency and don’t rely on getting your health opinions from some lame online source.

Answer by darcey
i think it’s food poisoning. better go to the local clinic for some meds. maybe the chix wings have been contaminated (e.coli or salmonella)

Answer by Dr.Persian
having sweat?…pain?…is he anxious?……i think you may see if he is dependent to any narcotic drugs?..because ..these sings..you just mentioned..are..typical symptoms..of narcotic withdrawal!…that..he needs to use dope! or he will suffer for 3 days!

Answer by cruiser
He could have the flu or it could be food poisoning. He should be drinking a lot of clear fluids so he doesn’t become dehydrated and get lots of rest.

Contact your doctor if any of the following situations occur:
Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea lasts for more than 2 days
The abdominal symptoms are associated with a low-grade fever.
Other family members or friends who ate the same thing are also sick.
You cannot keep any liquids down
You do not improve within 2 days even though you are drinking large amounts of fluids.
You cannot take your normal prescribed medications because of vomiting
You have any nervous system symptoms such as slurred speech, muscle weakness, double vision, or difficulty swallowing.

Go to the nearest hospital’s emergency department if any of the following situations occur:

You pass out or collapse, become dizzy, lightheaded, or have problems with your vision.
A fever higher than 101°F occurs with the abdominal symptoms.
Sharp or cramping pains do not go away after 10-15 minutes.
Your stomach or abdomen swells.
The skin and/or eyes turn yellow.
You are vomiting blood or having bloody bowel movements.
You stop urinating, have decreased urination, or have urine that is dark in color.
You develop problems with breathing, speaking, or swallowing.
One or more joints swell or a rash breaks out on your skin.
The ill person or caretaker considers the situation to be an emergency.

Answer by Cindy T
sounds like he has food poisoning.you might want to see a doctor.

Answer by Alison I
Food Poisoning!! you should go to hospital as being hooked up to a drip REALLY helps. Losing fluids can be dangerous. I had the same thing happen to me and i went to hospital as i couldn’t even sit up, i was that weak.As soon as i was put on a drip, almost immediately i felt heaps better! they’ll also give anti nausea medication (but be careful of some of them,don’t take too much as i had a terrible reaction to maxalon). i had the jitters really bad and felt like i needed to jump out of my skin-it was awful! Also i’ve heard apple cider vinegar is a miracle cure for vomiting.People swear by it if you can keep it down. Good Luck!

Answer by suninfla
Food Poisoning. Go to the Hospital!

Answer by Faye
A stomach virus has those symptoms. It could not have anything to do with eating out.

Answer by sicilia
Could just be coming down with the flu bug, but if you suspect that it’s the food you ate go to the ER.

Answer by Txlady
It MAY be food poisioning. I don’t know how long ago, from the time his symptoms began, that you posted this. If you don’t see a significant change within the next hour, take him to the ER of your favorite hospital in your area. He needs to be seen if he has symptoms like that. BTW: That’s also symptoms of other things as well. Don’t be frightened. He’ll be fine.

vomiting and diarrhea:vomiting diarrhea fever cold chills what is it and what do we do?


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2011-01-16 16:21:23

Food poisoning/bacterial infection from the food. Often times your body can battle it on it’s own with in a few hours to a day. But it could be a serious problem depending on the type and amount of bacteria and if he has a weak immune system. Since he has chest pains and difficulty breathing he should probably get checked by the doctor.

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