Vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, NO fever?
Last night I ate chicken from the barbecue pit and sweet and spicy jalapeno chips with french onion dip and a vanilla coke. About an hour after eating my stomach started getting like a half nauseous half bloated feeling…I NEVER EVER get sick so I just ignored it and went to sleep. At 5am this morning I woke up and ran to the bathroom and started projectile vomiting, then I took pepto and a bonine and went back to sleep..when I woke I had HORRIBLE abdominal pains and very watery diarrhea. None of these symptoms have been accompanied by fever..actually my temp has been between 97.6 and 98.0. I’ve done some google research but I can’t seem to find anything that exactly matches these symptoms. If anyone has any idea please let me know! Thanks!

Answer by Sir. Pedo Bear
If your face falls off, it’s an illness I just this second invented called ‘Mernaviral infection’. Cure it by taking a bath in your own urine.

Answer by Ben
Food poisoning. Usually it just takes a couple days to get over but if symptoms persist go see your doctor.

Answer by Will
Well it could be a couple things. Food poisoning usually the first to come to mind after you eat something and soon after not feel too well. Food poisoning is not always accompanied by a fever, but can cause cramping, nausea, and diarrhea.

Another aspect to think about is acute gastritis. Usually this takes time to develop, but symptoms may start spontaneously out of nowhere. Typical symptoms again is severe left upper quadrant abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting. In some cases, hemoptytsis has been noted which is a similar finding in that of peptic ulcers that looks like coffee ground emesis.

One more thing to think about is cholecysitis or gall stones. Typical symptoms are right upper abdominal quadrant pain. Pain particularly after eating something greasy. And as scary as it sounds has been known in some people to mimic the classic signs of a heart attack.

Best treatment is to see your doctor to have a good evaluation done to definitively diagnose your problem. You may until then try something like Pepcid, Zantac, or Prilosec. All are OTC medications and can be purchased at any pharmacy. I would avoid Tums, or rollaids because you may need something long term which is what pepcid, zantac and prilosec are good for. Tums or rollaids which are good for acute discomfort can be harmful (hypermagnesemia toxicity which can cause cardiac irritability) if used more than recommended. If you want to do both you can for break through symptoms. If symptoms are not relieved in 24 hrs I would not put off going to the Dr.

Answer by bulldoost
this is called “acute food poisoning” and it is bacterial infection of your gut, plenty of drink, best one are tea and water, some mineral or soda water should be fine as well, add little pinch of salt to drink.

burn (til virtually charred on surface) few toasts and eat these as well.

water will re-hydrate your body, rapid loss of water is at the moment your problem

charred bread will absorb most of the toxins from your gut and allow your normal gut flora to re-bounce back.

if it still persist after 24h, see doctor, you will be given either sulphonamide or antibiotics, but diet prescribed above usually solve it

if you are worried, go to see your emergency department in your local hospital, especially if there is blood in your faecies or in your vomit.

vomit and diarrhea:Vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, NO fever?

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