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Stomach pain, sulphur burps , diarrhea, & vomiting?
Sunday morning I felt really sick to my stomach and had a little bit of diarreah. Monday morning I puked and felt better but later in the evening I had horrible sulphur burps with a lot of diarreah & stomach grumbling a lot. Today I’ve had bad diarreah and horrible sulphur burps and my stomach won’t stop grumbling please help I feel horrible

Answer by Jaden
eww go to a doc

Answer by Hello Homosapeins
This is by far the nastiest tittle question on Y/A, thanks! I fear your head might fall off next, you should go talk to a doctor.

Answer by Tracey
I have had these symptoms on and off since I was 14 and I’m now 32 :( I am experiencing them again today after a gap of about 5/6 months. I have seen many docs over the years and had diagnosis of heartburn (during pregnancy) IBS! And once I finally saw a consultant the parasitic infection giardiasis. Several treatments with high doses of antibiotics and acid reducing medications appear to work for a while but the symptoms always seem to make another random appearance at some time.
I sympathise – it is definitely a horrible feeling and gets me down every time as I realise I haven’t been cured after all.

Back to the doctors for me …..good luck in getting your own diagnosis

vomiting diarrhea:Stomach pain, sulphur burps , diarrhea, & vomiting?


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