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Sharrrrp intense stomach pains all over stomach, can’t breath b/c of pain, diarrhea?
OMG!!!!! This is the most painful thing that’s ever happened to me! My stomach pains are really sharp and severe, and I couldn’t breath because they hurt so much a little while ago. And it’s going into my upper back (the pain). I also had diarrhea earlier. What’s wrong with me??? should I go to the hopsital? It feels slightly better, but still bad.

Answer by me321me
If you are experiencing the most severe pain that you have ever had……more pain than you are able to tolerate…..and nothing you do will make it subside, then yes, go to the Emergency Room.

If you are able to lay down and get into a position of comfort and your pain subsides to a tolerable point, then I suggest that you rest and relax and monitor your symoptoms.

If you develop the severe pain again and it doesn’t resolve or if you develop more symptoms such as fever, vomiting, or shortness of breath along with your pain, then you need to seek medical attention.

I hope that you get well soon!

Answer by Lauren
I would go to the hospital. I had similar symptoms when I had appendicitis, and I needed emergency surgery. I don’t know what’s wrong with you, but it seems like it warrants a trip to the ER.

Answer by Suzzane P
ER. appendicitis? Feel better!

pain diarrhea:Sharrrrp intense stomach pains all over stomach, can’t breath b/c of pain, diarrhea?


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