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vomiting fever

Recurring Sudden Headaches, Vomiting, No Fever?
Hey, For a while now ive been getting these weird symptoms. I would be doing something and suddenly my eyes would have no focus and i wouldnt be able to read. Following shortly after that i would get a severe headache and vomiting problems. This happens once about every 2-4 weeks and it only lasts half a day. Some things I noticed were that it only happened in the morning and I would get no fever. Usually i start feeling better after vomiting once but today I threw up about 3 times. If anyone could help it would be great. Since im only 17 my phsician doesnt want me to get a cat scan due to radiaton. Some other information about me is that i am relativly skinny 5’10 weighing about 130 pounds. My headrate and blood pressure is normal. Please help.

Answer by Prometheus _…
could be heat stroke if uhad it before…….. but i would get a scan any way. to see wats the prob

vomiting fever:Recurring Sudden Headaches, Vomiting, No Fever?


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