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vomiting diarrhea diet

Random Allergic Reactions?
In August I started having allergic reactions where I get terrible stomach cramps, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea(sorry, that’s kinda gross), and an itchy rash usually starting around my ears and descending over most of my body.
I went for allergy testing in September and was tested for pretty much every food product you could think of, and everything came up negative. However, the allergist thought it was likely that it was an MSG sensitivity, as each time I had a reaction I could have had a lot of MSG and the symptoms of my reaction fit.

So, I adjusted my diet and got rid of as many sources of glutamate as I possibly could. I didn’t have any allergic reactions for quite a while. However, I’ve had a couple reactions lately – when it seems that I couldn’t have had any MSG whatsoever. I’m going to go talk to a doctor again asap, but does anyone have any ideas? Does it sound like I have additional allergies, or allergies to something that I didn’t suspect? Or some sort of metabolic issue? Or what?

Answer by caz
Im sorry youre still having reactions-it can be a real pain to get to the bottom of them. Over june/july my 7yo had about 20 episodes of lip swelling-basically despite many many tests and food challenges in hospital we are really no closer to knowing what caused this. It stopped as quickly as it started (he still has other allergies that cause anaphylaxis).
I can only suggest keeping a food diary and writing down every single ingredient of ever single thing that you eat prior to a reaction happening. Its very time consuming but it can help pinpoint common ingredients.
Remember that sometimes the cause of allergic reactions is not found but that it is also possible that you have not yet been tested for the thing you are reacting to. (many herbs/spices are now becoming apparent as are things like sunflower etc)
good luck
I hope you get some answers. Keep your antihistamines close by.
cheers caz

vomiting diarrhea diet:Random Allergic Reactions?


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