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vomiting diarrhea children

Why would a child always be sick with nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting a few times a month?
My BF finally got his daughter’s medical records and she has constantly been sick, also she was diagnosed with asthma and there is no genetic factors for that. Every few weeks or so, she comes down ‘ill’ with nausea, vomiting, fever, and diarrhea, and at other times, constipation and her custodian takes her to the doctor. Could something be going on?

Also she’s 5 and she was diagnosed with anxiety/depression. I guess that’s because she’s denied visitations and access to her parents and halfsiblings! I’ve never heard of a child so young diagnosed with such a thing.

Answer by rsfedme
try giving her some vitamin C, or something to help her from being sick, or take her to a doctor and check up on her.

Answer by Moped Mama
sounds like gastritis ,stress and anxiety and medication irritate the stomach have her see a gastroendo have them scope her stomach, she could have wheat allergies or gluten sensitive they have to look at the bowels for blunting of the Villa if you can ,try to stop all artificial coloring now KIX is a good cereal ,cheerios, annies cereal BUNNIES all natural it might artificial ingrediates or DAIRY have he make a list of foods if she is lacking fiber try metamucil now oatmeal is good add raisins and cinnamon i’m living this diet now , celiac sprue lactose intolerance its heritary h pyloric b acteria is possible

Answer by Joseph, II
There’s something very “amiss” here. I’m thinking it could ALSO be- an allergic reaction to something, or even (heaven forbid) some kind of regular Poisoning !!! I’d have your Boy Friend get this line of Inquiry checked out… Strange… -VERY Strange… :0

Answer by rosey7020
YES – This sounds like my daughters. They have food allergies. Gluten being the worst, milk, eggs, soy, etc… I have to buy special food from the health store and had blood work done with our homeopathic Dr. The pediatrician said they could not see any problems. I know my children and I was right. I am taking them for treatments at a natural homeopathic Dr. with acupuncturee (they do not use needles on children just a little tapping with a special tool. It is worth looking into. Poor sweetie, I hope you find help soon, she is miserable. I will pray for her, God bless. My daughters with the worst allergies are 7, 5, and 3. They are getting better. My 5 year old does not need the treatment. It is enough to keep her away from the food she reacts to.

Answer by pepsipayton
I agree w/Joseph. Something doesn’t sound right. If she is going to the doctor he should be questioning why this child is getting these symptoms so frequently. The father should be questioning whoever placed this child w/her current caretaker. And you should be questioning as to why the child isn’t w/a parent. This is so sad! and serious!

vomiting diarrhea children:Why would a child always be sick with nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting a few times a month?


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