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Should I go to the ER, Please read!?
Past few days I was very very sick (nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, fever, chills, sweats) took 2 pregnancy tests the next day (both came back positive) still wasn’t feeling the greatest the next day, went into have a blood test done (came back negative) i think i might have had an early miscarriage (i would have only been about 4 weeks along) still not feeling well at all i have a horrible headache, my upper and lower stomach are really hurting me, i haven’t had an appetite in days but i just feel so bloated. Im really starting to get worried that im not feeling better. i dont know what to do, please help. i have also been feeling extremely faint like to the point where i need to sit down or i will fall over. no doctors offices or clinics are open tomorrow or this weekend because of the holidays

Answer by Emily Mckay
Definitely go ASAP

Answer by Takumi
go to the doctor not the emergency room.

Answer by Spencer
Yup. Go somewhere. Get help

Answer by bigcatju
Yes please go to the ER because you could have an infection and if you did miscarry you may need a dnc to get rid of the tissue left inside from the miscarriage.

Answer by CASSy
yes i think you should go to the ER maybe something serious is going on is better to be safe than sorry..

Answer by Soniaa432
Yes you sound like you should.

Answer by Joanne A.
Yes, go to ER. Be sure to tell them about feeling faint too. This is not normal and your stomach hurting is not normal.

God bless, I wish you well.

Answer by portland_sam
Sounds scary to me, but its impossible for anyone to diagnose over the internet. I would go with your instincts. And if you are alone and no one is watching over you, I would be more likely to vote for you to visit the hospital.

Answer by Jinhee N
Go to the ER. Could be ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, or nothing at all. If it’s one of the first two, you will require medical treatment regardless, so might as well go.

Answer by Patricia Rosario
You could possibly have a bad reaction to the miscarage because your body is going through alot of changes in a short period of time like horomones and such. I would suggest going to the hospital as soon as possible (gynecologist*) if it was a miscarage the left over tissues can cause alot of harm. Just try to be possitive in the mean time and go see a doctor as soon as possible

vomiting diarrhea pregnancy:Should I go to the ER, Please read!?


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