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Please help! Pregnant?
About four months ago, I began developing symptoms of pregnancy. Nausea, a little vomiting and diarrhea, headaches, fatigue, sore breasts, bumps on my nipples, etc, As time went by, I started peeing more frequently. Now, the breast soreness and nausea has gone away, but I still have the bumps and my nipples are very sore and sensitive. My boobs seem bigger. I have slight cramps and I have the occasional migraine or sometimes regular headaches. I’ve been really tired, as well.
However, I’ve been getting my period. It’s been different, sometimes shorter, sometimes longer, always slightly lighter/pinker in color, and I’ve had three negative pregnancy tests (though I haven’t taken any recently). I know I should be showing by now, but I’m a little heavy so I can’t really tell. I have no access to a doctor or test right now. I’m so confused. What’s going on? I would think it was just stress if it wasn’t for the fact that I have nipple problems and things like that that can’t really be “self-inflicted”.

Answer by Joanna
It took 4 weeks for my moms pregnancy test to cmome bakck positive. I suggest getting a preg test at the docs to be sure.. Sounds to me like your pregnant though. Hope I helped.xoxo

Answer by *CeLiNe~FrEnChAdO*
well before sounds like you had all the symptoms of pregnancy, but then you got your period back..then you weren’t pregnant. its probably just a difficult change going on in your body, regarding to your female organs. it can happen at any age, and can deregulate your time of the month. seems like you should be fine, unless you start experiencing heavy bleeding and other more painful side effects. then that might mean that something’s out of place. many woman have these abrupt aberrations, but they’re very temporary. just make sure it doesn’t last longer then as few as three months. other than that, you sound fine.

Answer by dream
If you really are 4 months pregnant, then you need to go to the doctor regularly throughout your pregnancy. However, I highly doubt that you are pregnant. (How old are you, by the way?) If you’ve been having regular periods with bleeding of more than one day and have still not got a positive pregnancy test, then you are more than likely NOT PREGNANT.

But really, you need to go to the doctor and sort this out ASAP!!

Answer by ::Sam::
4 months??? Why can’t you have access to a doctor?

vomiting diarrhea pregnancy:Please help! Pregnant?


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