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vomiting diarrhea children

diarrhea, and vomiting 2 days in a row, @5am. but was fine thru the daytimes, both days?
i already have 3 children, and had different experiences with all 3…2 girls, one boy. now ive never really experienced much mornin sickness, just nausea for a few weeks…i had the flu shot, not to say its not flu, but sounds too weird to b the flu if im feeling fine thru the day, eating normally, alert…no muscle aches thru the day. i made it thru class just fine too…AM I PREGO??? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! PLZZZ NOOO!

Answer by Kristin
I think you may need to cal your doctor. It does seem weird that it happens in the morning like that. are you eating anything that might make you sick? That happened to me last year after I ate some turkey. I was very nauseas and had the runs at the same time. It happened like yours too cuz I didn’t know it was the turkey that was causing it. I hope you feel better and that maybe I helped a little. God bless.

Answer by mangokdkat
It *could* be what you’re having as a late night snack coming to haunt your mornings.. (has anything changed?).

You may have a mild bug that is bothering you more when your stomach is empty. Could be reflux disease or ulcer, but doubt that if it’s not bothering you at night or other times.

or.. it could be.. *the unspeakable*.

I guess.. wait it out. If it continues or worsens, see your physician. At this point, it’s probably some blip in your week!

vomiting diarrhea children:diarrhea, and vomiting 2 days in a row, @5am. but was fine thru the daytimes, both days?


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