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nausea vomiting

nausea, vomiting from drinking beer the night before?
I have really bad nausea and want to vomit so bad but I can’t. i only eat a breakfast bar, a cracker, and water all day because i just want to throw up everything but i can’t. i feel awful, any help, thanks
I will tone it down next time, I eat very healthy and exercise almost every day. I shouldn’t be drinking as much. I dont want to feel like this again, I hate it, and it’s not the hangover talking. I really will tone it down to half of the amount of beers and maybe eventually I’ll just quit. I only drink once a week when friends come over so it’s not a big deal if I drink less. thanks everyone

Answer by swiss cheeze
it was bad bad quality once i drank a “free” tequila shot at a bar and vomited within the 5 min dude omg eat something ur a rael idiot if ur drinking alcohol on an empty stomach

Answer by Aria
That is called a hangover. The best thing to do is not drink so much alcohol.

Answer by Red_F
That’s a nasty hangover.

Not much you can do except drink lots of water to flush it out. If you know a Doctor you can get into today, you can get a B12 shot to help clear you out.

Try not drinking so much next time or drink a large glass of water before bed.

Answer by yeah_but_we_all_are
It sounds like you almost killed yourself drinking the night before, you might want to tone it down a bit next time.

Unless you enjoy the alcohol poisoning effects you’re currently experiencing.

Answer by REDHOT
Take a shot of vodka, that always made me throw up the day after a big party. Next time you plan to drink heavy eat a few bananas they are filled with potassium and will help stop you from dehydration which is a “Hang Over”

Answer by Racist Answer Man
Stop suppressing those heaves if that’s what you’ve been doing. You’ll feel a bit better after those cease.

Make sure you are fully hydrated since your kidneys pull a serious amount of water from your system to detox the alcohol.

Go out and get something substantial to eat this evening for dinner. At least that way you’ll be prepared for tonight.

Answer by petra
It’s called a haang over, the price you pay for poisoning your body and brain.

Answer by toasty
just drink alot of water and electrolytes…that baby juice, pedialyte, is good, u can find at cvs or pharmacy

Answer by whtecloud
I find if I eat something that is really hot and spicy, usually a soup, (what I eat always is this hot and spicy shrimp noodle soup that comes in the package, just add boiling water) that nausea feeling goes away. You can also try to drink coca cola, that seems to help me also. Everyone is different though. When drinking try not to mix your drinks. If you are drinking beer, then stick to beer and only beer.

Answer by ballmonkeyhockey
you have a hangover, ehat it is is severe dehydration. Next time you drink, have a large amount of water before you go to sleep. if you still wake up in the morning with a hangover, have another beer or two

nausea vomiting:nausea, vomiting from drinking beer the night before?


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Suzan K
2011-05-19 15:25:44

That is a damage to your liver. Excess of beer damages the liver, and sometimes people can even get jaundice.

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Dania C
2011-05-19 15:27:10

Next time, throw up. I know it’s gross and I have yet to meet someone who enjoys doing it! But in a seriousness, you would have felt soooooo much better getting all that beer out.

Post vomit, a good toothbrushing, mouthwash and a few Tums and you will definitely feel a million times better.

I would say drink less, but there are going to be times when you get drunk and hungover. That’s life.

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2011-05-19 16:10:12

It is good to cut down your beer intake. Nausea & vomiting are very common after effects for beer. Drink some chinese tea or ginger tea to cure your nausea for your next drinking session.

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2011-05-19 16:24:21

it sounds like a hangover to me if you drunk beer the night before but if the symotoms worsen you may have a virus so you really need to watch that

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