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My son is vomiting and running a 102 fever?
Should i go to emergency room or see what happens tomorrow.

Answer by Texas RN
Is he able to keep any water down? If not, and the vomiting is continuous, then he needs to go to the emergency room because there is a very real danger of dehydration. Children who are severely dehydrated can run a risk of going into shock (more quickly than an adult), and his kidneys can shut down. If he can drink and keep it down, then I’d give him Tylenol for the fever (it’s gentler on the stomach) and take him to the doctor first thing tomorrow. :0)

Answer by Erwin
yea the other person is right. YOU MUST GET WATER AND FLUIDS DOWN! If he can not get that down GO GO GO GO! TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM!
now no worries if you can get him to the hospital and they can give him an iv

Answer by Michelle
My son had the same thing Sat..Only he had a 104 fever. Dr said he had strep and ear infection. He is still not well. I would bring him in the AM You don’t want him to get dehydrated. Give him lots of liquids in the meantime. Good luck

vomiting fever:My son is vomiting and running a 102 fever?


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