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vomiting fever

My daughter has has a fever and a headache for the past 3 days! She has been vomiting. What should I do?
Fever, Vomitting and headache for the past 3 days?

Answer by Anna
You need to take your daughter to the doctor, and if the fever is over 104 and she is a young child, call an ambulance or take her to the emergency room!

Answer by Angel S
take her to the doctor immediately, she might have a concussion.

Answer by Metallica_rulz

Answer by tinkerinax
take her to a walk in clinic.

Answer by Dianne O
i think a trip to her doctor as there are a lot of bugs going about ..
need to rule out such things as meningitis … ect ..hope all gets better soon..
does she have pain in back or a rash ???

Answer by ?
Go to the doctor first of all. Vomiting? Could be anything, but the most common thing with vomiting is the stomach flu. Is she throwing up after she eats, drinks, or randomly? If she drinks something but can’t keep it in her stomach, it could be the stomach flu. What you want to do is give her something with electrolytes, like gatorade or pedialyte. Everytime a person vomits, they lose fluids from their bodies, and this can lead to dehydration. And to reduce the fever warm compressions in the forehead, also dress her lightly unless she has chills…and the headache, well, I don’t know, but it could be part of the fever, or she could be hungry, but keep in mind that when you throw up, pressure builds up in the head…hope this helps! Still you should go to the doctor…

Answer by Nancy
it happened to me too.then i went to the doctor and they helped me

Answer by Romin Z
Take her to the doctor If you eat maple leaf meat the fever vomiting and hedache are ymptoms of lisearia

Answer by mikieb68
you need to get her in to a doctor ASAP! signs/symptoms of meningitis possibly. If anything she is severely dehydrated with an electrolyte imbalance.

Answer by ?
Take her to the ER.

vomiting fever:My daughter has has a fever and a headache for the past 3 days! She has been vomiting. What should I do?


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