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pain diarrhea

my 8 yr old, diarrhea, stomach pain & nausea. help?
My son who’s 8 has has stomach pain, some gas, diarrhea and some nausea but no vomiting for the past two days. He’s fine in the morning, he’d go to school & right after lunch all these symptoms would start. he’d be fine by night fall and through the night. Now I’m not so sure what’s going on… its always after drinking milk at lunch, but never had problems with dairy in the past. It doesn’t seem like A stomach bug, but I’m just not sure. Called pediatrician and she just said to keep a food diary of what he eats. Sorry so long. Any idea what could be causing this, or any suggestions on what to give him for relief?

Answer by Cyberwolfman
Well, cow’s milk is for cows, so people can become allergic to it at any time.

Answer by Dr. House
Well, it seems like he had some sort of infection of the GI tract a few days ago. What commonly occurs following an infection is a lactase deficiency, the ability to break down lactose. So, temporarily, I’d lay off giving him anything with lactose in it for a few weeks and see if the symptoms go away.

Answer by awommack

pain diarrhea:my 8 yr old, diarrhea, stomach pain & nausea. help?


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