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my 3 yr old has had a high fever, light vomiting, diarrhea, and runny nose for 4 days now.?
Her Dr said it is not necessary to bring her in. She is miserable . Any ideas when she will get better ?

Answer by Kash
Give your 3 y/o fluids. Make sure she is hydrated. Anything she likes to drink, give it to her. Popsicle would do too. Vomiting and diarrhea will dehydrate her.
The runny nose, congestion, (may be cough later with sore throat), just a flu. If her fever is over 101 for a day then yes she might need antibiotics (measure it, don’t just feel it).
Viral infection can last anywhere from 3-10 days, and bacterial infection (with high fever) for 5-12 days.
If the fever is over 103, ER or cold/ice water on the head/body to keep the temp down.
Hope she gets better soon.

Answer by Mercy
I would call the doc’s office and speak to the nurse. I’m assuming the doc is a pediatrician. Ask the nurse what this stuff is and how long the typical course is. If it’s something that’s going around, she will probably be able to help. Ask what you can give to provide symptomatic relief. Four days seems like a long time for something that involves a high fever and does not require a physician’s attention.

As a home remedy for the vomiting and diarrhea, pectin is a natural emulsifier and balances out the gut, and mint soothes the troubled tummy. If you have the time and can gather the ingredients, get some real herbal peppermint tea (not peppermint flavored black tea), and brew about 12 ounces of peppermint tea using one tea bag. Then make some fresh applesauce using an apple that cooks up mushy, like a Macintosh. Core the apples, but leave the well-washed skins on, as the greatest amount of pectin is immediately under the skin, and instead of water, use the peppermint infusion. When cooked to applesauce consistency, strain through a sieve or use a Foley food mill. Sweeten to taste with honey. If she will tolerate it, you can mix this peppermint applesauce in equal parts with a good quality (like Yoplait or LaYogurt) vanilla yogurt, and chill, as yogurt facilitates digestion as well, and fortifies the immune system, which is primarily located in the gut.

Maybe this will help.

Answer by Kasi Almasi
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vomiting and diarrhea:my 3 yr old has had a high fever, light vomiting, diarrhea, and runny nose for 4 days now.?


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