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vomiting and diarrhea

Low grade fever, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach cramps…while 21 weeks pregnant?
I am sooooooo sick. My stomach was cramping up last night and I woke up this morning with worse cramps and vomiting. I was vomiting the food I had eating thenight prior, which is weird. I’m having diarrhea which I rarely ever get, even with the flu. I feel totally weak and shaky. I’m waiting for my OB to call back and talk to me. What should I do?

Answer by left_sock_ missing
go to the hospital

Answer by KayleasMom
I would say you’re doing the right thing by calling your OB. If you are dehydrated they may want to put you on a drip and feed you broth for a while. As for the baby..it should be fine. The baby will get it’s nutrients from your body whether you ate or not. I was sick during my pregnancy with vomiting so bad that I lost 25lbs before I started gaining and my baby was 1 month early but didn’t have any problems and wasn’t in NICU. Just see what your doctor says. I’m sure everything will be okay. Hope you feel better cause I know it isn’t fun!

Answer by mamoussoux

Answer by love_me_im_sweet
huni, i no how you feel, i had exactly the same thing wen i was preggers, but i had an obortion as the child was concived wen i was raped, i wud say its just really bad mornin sickness, but its always best 2 get a second oppinion, jst try nd get sum rest, and only drink water see if you can hold that down, and befor you get up in the mornin, have a cup of tee or summat, that settles your stomach, i had this for over 2 months!!!! good luck, and mail me how it goes ok x x x

Answer by Jennifer K
You might have a bug.Good luck!

Answer by lovinit
definitely go to the hospital… just make sure the baby is ok… otherwise, it sounds like food poisoning to me… the doc will also let you know if/how this will affect your little one.

Answer by spainman0
what did you eat? it sounds similar to when i had food poisoning caused by chicken, it lasted about a week. this may have lasted longer but i was taken to the ER and given a bag of IV fluids due to dehydration i forget what else happened there it was a wile ago. i am not a doctor so my advice probably isn’t the best, but i would consider going to your family practice and telling them what is wrong, they will know better that i will.

Answer by mamalamaa
that sounds familiar to me! im currently 37 weeks pregnant and around the same time I got really sick as well. I was traveling and while at the airport ate a little less healthy than usual, have you had a slight change in your eating habits? I was diagnosed with IBS (its not too bad, but it gets worse with pregnancy). could be that or food poisining or just a bug. I would wait to hear what the doc has to say before doing anything like taking off the the ER. your doc will let you know what to do, dont worry too much.

Answer by Jason Homan
Hi Sarash,
Drink plenty of water and fruit juices to prevent dehydration (abnormally low levels of body water). Fluids help to cool your body and they replenish vital salts and minerals (electrolytes), which may be lost during vomiting or diarrhea. A complete bed rest and careful nurising is essential for the your situation, until abatement simptoms
Jason Homan
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vomiting and diarrhea:Low grade fever, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach cramps…while 21 weeks pregnant?


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