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Is there any way to prevent nausea and vomiting after surgery?
After each of my surgeries, I always experienced terrible nausea and uncontrollable vomiting.
I’ve only had oral surgeries. Incase this changes anything.

Answer by Mia
The best thing you can do is tell your anesthesiologist what your past experience has been and he (or she) can put a medication in your I.V. that will help keep you from suffering from such severe nausea. It has worked like a charm for me every time. Good luck!

Answer by firechick1721
ask the dr to give you a script for phenegran… this helps alot!! it does make some people sleepy… if you cant get ahold of the dr, they do sell motion sickness meds over the counter, just go to the pharmacy and ask which one is best!!

Answer by gettinitdone
I don’t know what it is called, but there is a patch that you can stick behind your ear. I have never used it but I have family members that have and they say it works. Ask your doc about it and he/she should know what it is called.

Answer by Olivereindeer
I am an operating room RN and nauseas and vomiting (PONV) is a problem the affects a few people.

It is imperiative that you tell your anaesthetist that you have experienced this each time.

Ceratin drugs and gases that they use for anaesthesia can make PONV occur and worsen. The most common one known to cause this is nitrous oxide (laughing gas). The anaesthetist will then be able to chose what is best for avoiding PONV.

Also, they can give you anti nausea medication when you are asleep to prevent it happening when you wake. Once you wake there are a variety of drugs they can give you to help it. These drugs are from different families so that if one doesnt work then they can try another. There have been some really effective new one released on the market recently that are very good.

It is imperative that you do not take anything prior to surgery unless ordered by the anaesthetist as this can interfere with you waking effectively Phenergen is a good antiemetic but is old fashioned and is rarely used for post operative nausea – it will also affect your waking ability when they are trying to wake up up after surgery to recover you.

Also, movement in the bed or when you are being wheeled back to your room can also bring on nausea and vomiting so make sure you ask them to take it slowly and easy when you are being wheeled and try to keep your eyes open as this will give you brain visual cues as to why your body is moving and helps stop it feeling sick.
Ask for a fan or a cold face cloth if you feel that might help on the rocovery room.


Answer by Dave W911
happens to me every time.

Answer by virtrava
There are homoeopathic cures. Belladona should work. If not go into the homoeopathic website and check out your condition and likely cures. They work quite efficiently. I would try this first before going on to allopathic drugs.

Answer by jessicam76017
My nurse friend says “Sew your mouth shut, then you won’t vomit.” J/K. As a nurse, you will need to let your dr. know what reaction you have to the anesthesia and he will order you something postoperatively.

Answer by feyanni
Eat light before you are scheduled to have surgery. You should also let your physician know that you are having this problem, it could be that you are having a reaction to the kind of anesthetic which is being used on you.

nausea vomiting:Is there any way to prevent nausea and vomiting after surgery?


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