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is it possible for a stomach virus or bug to last a month?
ive been ill in stomach with pain and on and off diarrhea and nausea for a month now. i feel very ill , general malaise but docs cant find anything. can a virus last this long?

Answer by julie
Yes!! I’ve been sick for four months and I tested positive for mono and Epstein Barr virus. I’m wondering if it will ever go away. You may have the same thing ask your doctor to test you.It took me a month of test to find out what it was. I never had throat pain like most mono cases so that made it hard to figure out. Here are my symptoms Nausea mainly in the morning,dizzy,lightheaded,extremely tired and fever off and on. E-mail me with questions if you want.

Answer by sarahbsb

Ive had exactley the same thing for about a month now and the docs don’t seem to now whats wrong with me. A bug can hang around for that long if it gets into your bloodstream it makes you feel very ill. I hope you get it sorted out soon.

pain diarrhea:is it possible for a stomach virus or bug to last a month?


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