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Is a collapsed sigmoid colon serious, and what fixes it?
Is a collapsed sigmoid colon serious? What causes it, or is it a symptom of an underlying cause? And how is it fixed?

For those who actually care for details;
I’ve been pretty sick for a few weeks now, and these are the most prominent symptoms I’ve been experiencing:
*severe abdominal pain (usually in lower left quadrant (my left, below belly button), but sometimes it’s bad enough that it spreads across the whole lower part of my abdominal region)
*weight loss (15 lbs in 4 weeks. I’ve been trying to gain weight, so this isn’t good.)
*hair loss
*hypertension (where before, my blood pressure tended to be unusually low for my age and weight)
*constant nausea
*frequent vomiting
*appetite loss
*Loss of energy
*mild fever
*frequent diarrhea (which leaves me with the sensation of being backed up)

Considering that I’m usually a pretty healthy 20 y/o female, all the symptoms going on this long has been concerning.
**I am NOT pregnant, according to urine and blood tests done by my PCP, the ER Technicians who attended to me when I went in for severe dehydration, standard tests done by my gynecologist including a vaginal ultrasound (I had a routine appointment to check for cysts and discuss diagnosis and treatment for endometriosis), and several home tests. This is the first thing any doctor asks and tests for, but my boyfriend and I are incredibly safe, and we have both been abstinent since I first showed signs of being sick. So unless babies magically appear from thin air, or every one of these doctors has gotten a wrong test result, then that is not a factor.**

My PCP did a CT Scan with the barium drink on me last week, to look at the lower part of my GI track.
It took a few days for the referral from my PCP to get sent over to a GI specialist (insurance, while helpful, sometimes makes paperwork and processing slow as a snail), but I was finally able to make an appointment and see him on Wednesday.
He reviewed the CT Scan, and informed me that I had a collapsed sigmoid colon, with a pretty significant build up of the walls around it, and lots of inflammation.
He immediately had me schedule a colonoscopy with him for the soonest available time (November 30th), and he also put me on two separate antibiotics (Flagyl and Cipro), and an acid reducer (Dexilant).
(I am still soldiering through these medications, though I must say that I’ve been in more pain, and have been able to hold down even less food and liquid since starting them.)

When I went to see him, I was in an incredible amount of pain, and wasn’t really clear-headed, so I didn’t think to ask him much of anything about what he said. To be honest, I was tired of being bounced from doctor to doctor, relieved that this one actually found something wrong in his area of expertise, and that he proposed a solution to properly diagnose it better. So I didn’t think to ask him too much about it, until now.

So now, after trying to research online to educate myself about it, I cannot find anything except for a few case studies where the patient under observation had the same symptoms. But there is no real answer from the case study either. No real information seems to exist, no easy-to-find article or informative page, nothing.

I just want to know, is this serious? Does is indicate another underlying problem, or is it a problem all on it’s own? What fixes it, or does it correct itself?
And if you know what causes it, I would also appreciate knowing.

(If I don’t receive an answer before I go in to have my colonoscopy, I will update this with the information I am given from the doctor. I just don’t have any way to contact him from now until the time of the procedure, which is why I’m turning to the internet for help.)

Answer by Dave F
Why don’t you research diverticulitis on the WEB. Sounds like your on the right course and with the right specialist. Hang in there. Ask your doctor about dietary restrictions (avoid alcohol while on the flagyl) and pain control measures. Make sure to keep up with your fluids. Good luck.

vomiting diarrhea baby:Is a collapsed sigmoid colon serious, and what fixes it?


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