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pain diarrhea

I have diarrhea, pain under my ribs, and pain in my intestines…?
Every 1/2 hour I have to go to the bathroom. It’s watery? I don’t feel sick at all, though. When it happens I get really hot and sweaty too. This morning I had a bagel, went to the humane society, went to work, had some sauerkraut and potatoes… and that’s it. I also had some bottled water? I don’t get it, this has never happened before.

Before I started getting diarrhea, I had awful pains underneath both of my ribs (like gas) and in my lower abdomenon. When I got home from work around 5:30pm is when it started coming…

What is this? Is there anything I can do to stop it… or… just, anything? This is terrible.

Answer by headshot2010
just deal with it for now! i had something–similar if not the same case but yea
just kinda have to put up with it and have your body fight it
drink lots of water and try to get sleep!
sorry i dont know exactly what it is but yea
maybe it was the food but ehh just drink water and make sure you get sleep

Answer by Ataratha
Immodium works wonders for Diarrhea. If you have concerns that there is something wrong with you (beyond a bug) then you should consult a doctor.

Answer by Sweetart
more than likely you have a mild case of whats called gastroenteritis it is fairly common and should resolve within 48 hours
the biggest thing you need to do is get plenty of sleep and drink lots of fluid including sports drinks with electrolytes but low sugar
watch out for signs of fever, or if symptoms don’t go away or pain gets really bad then you may need to be seen by a doctor

Answer by Claire M
Last year, I suddenly developed those same symptoms. I had almost constant diarrohea (about every 10 minutes), which racked my body with pain. I had a sharp, needling pain, which sweapt across my lower abdomen and the pain got so bad, that I felt really faint and dizzy, even tearful. Too unsteady to walk to the doctor’s, I called him out. He diagnosed me with infectious (bacterial) diarrohea and I was put straight onto a course of antibiotics. The pain began clearing within 24 hours. Therefore I would certainly advise that you too see your doctor, because if you do have an infection, then antibiotics will provide you with rapid relief. Also of course, follow the standard treatment recommendations for diarrohea: drink lots of fluids, stay off stodgy foods and instead eat small amounts of fibre, such as wholemeal bread, which will help your digestive system to cope by making your diarrohea more solid (I studied biology at college!) I hope you are feeling better soon.

pain diarrhea:I have diarrhea, pain under my ribs, and pain in my intestines…?


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