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vomiting diarrhea

I have been vomiting and having diarrhea for over a month now?
I have been vomiting and been having diarrhea for over a month now with serious stomach pain on my left side. I have been to the hospital once but now im thinkig i should go back cause it has not gotten better at all. Im only seventeen and in a lot of pain what should I do. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

Answer by Christian Serrano
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Answer by natashav2003
Appendix is on the right side but regardless…something is very wrong ! Go to out patients asap…that is far too long to be sick.

Answer by Jessica Gentry
if you have a gp or fam doc go there tomorrow b/c the er is meant for lifethreatning injuries only and they do not give your case the time and consideration it deserves stay hydrated until then but if you dont have a gp go to the hospital but i would still wait until morning when all the idiots are in bed and not out doing stupid things so you are not stuck there forever
Good luck

Answer by ted j
kidneys? check for diabetes. avoid sugar.

Answer by areide
is not a question that should be solved online. Go to see your doctor, and tell him about all this problems you are having. Do not take medication unless he say so, and of course you need to control what you eat, no fried food or junk food!

vomiting diarrhea:I have been vomiting and having diarrhea for over a month now?


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