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How long does it take to get over stomach flu?
7 days ago I vomited for about 12 hours, had really bad diarrhea for about 48-60 hours (I have IBS as well so that’s always worse). I had a fever of around 100 for about 48 hours.

I stayed on clear liquids for 24 hours after stopping vomiting, then bland diet for 48 hours after that (eating very little).

Now, 7 days after getting sick, I can still not eat a full meal without my stomach hurting and getting nauseous, I get hungry but its sporadic, I cannot tolerate coffee (which I normally drink in great quantities), dairy or anything carbonated.

I still feel exhausted, I have had to come home early from work twice to go to sleep.

I am making sure that I stay very well hydrated and am not eating anything greasy or spicy.

When will I feel better???

Answer by Robert K
What is stomach flu? I would see a doctor as there is no stomach flu

Answer by medstudent050
“Stomach Flu” is slang for gastroenteritis which isn’t influenza but a virus in the intestinal tract.

If you are not better by monday, go see a doctor. It usually passes within a week.

It also interests me that you say you usually drink coffee in large quantities and have IBS. I would definitely visit with a doctor about it.

vomiting diarrhea diet:How long does it take to get over stomach flu?


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