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How long after vomiting can a child return to school?
I work at a preschool and had a mom send her two kids (on different days) to school the morning after they had puked all night, because (her words) they hadn’t puked since they got up. I know I read somewhere that kids weren’t supposed to go back to school for 24 hours after they vomit or have diarrhea, as recommended by the Health Dept. or CDC or something. I’d like to find that and print it out for my parents. Does anyone know where I could find it? Thanks!
Actually Smandie, it is my business, because my son goes to the same school, and he caught it and so did my other son at home, as did 11 of the 15 kids in my class. Perhaps they would have caught it anyway, but it’s simply disrespectful to her own children to send them to school when they are feverish and flushed and don’t even have the energy to play. I’m the teacher, it’s very much my business.

Answer by Garrett John Fookes

Answer by Smandie~
i think if the kid felt fine they should just try and go to school. There her kids and if they weren’t getting sick at school the day after its really none of your business ..

Answer by Foehammer

You’re welcome.

Answer by 103108
I know where I live, vomiting doesn’t matter. They just have to be fever-free for 24 hours. So if there was no fever, she can send them back whenever she wants.

vomiting diarrhea children:How long after vomiting can a child return to school?


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