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vomiting diarrhea children

How is a stomach virus spread? Is it airborne?
Just wondering how your typical stomach bug or “24 hour” virus (that causes vomiting and diarrhea) is typically spread. I’m going to a New Year’s Party tonight and some of the children in the family are sick with it. If I just hang out (breathe in the air) but don’t eat or drink and keep my hands clean and stay out of their bathroom will I most likely not get it? Thanks.

Answer by camerainvestment

Answer by Coyote
I’m not sure, but I think you’ll only get it if you come really close to the infected people.

Answer by Veritas
Stomach viruses like Norovirus and Rotavirus are typically spread by:

1. Eating food or drinking liquids that are contaminated
2. Touching surfaces or contaminated objects and then placing your hand in your mouth
3. Having DIRECT contact with a sick person who is infected and showing symptoms

Not eating or drinking, and washing your hands will probably go a long way in protecting you, however since it can be spread through direct contact you should be wary.

Why? Because the person remains contagious for up to 2-3 days after being sick AND the virus itself can remain in the stool for as long as 2 WEEKS after the sick person recovers.

For this reason, you might very well come in direct contact with someone in the family who is either about to get sick or “just got over” the virus but is still contagious.

I would suggest playing it safe and skipping the party.

Or better yet, why doesn’t the family cancel the party??

Answer by Richard H
I think it could either be from food that hasn’t been cooked properly or from using the bog and not wiping properly.

Answer by Loveable:D
ull most likely get it.. depends on how long they have had it..if they have had it 4 awhile and its almost over then chances r slim.. but if they were just affected with the virus u can still get it… u can eat and drink @ the party bc the virus is mostly tansmitted by touching teh affected person or something they have touched.. and yes the virus will become airborne if they cough or sneeze without covering there noses and or mouth!! Good luck, just wash ur hands!! and Happy new Year!!!

vomiting diarrhea children:How is a stomach virus spread? Is it airborne?


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