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Help! Vomiting, liquid diarrhea and churning stomach. What is causing this?
I’ve asked something similar before, but it wasn’t precise enough and some answers just tell me to go to the doctor’s, which I appreciate but didn’t find helpful enough.

Anyway, my stomach (or whatever organ is causing my problems) has been acting weird lately.

Last Sunday: I had diarrhea several times, mostly liquid diarrhea, like peeing from your behind. I took some sort of chinese medicine, ate nothing but porridge and some biscuits and drank lots of water.

Monday to Wednesday: nothing out of the ordinary happened, no diarrhea but I didn’t poop either. However, I don’t poop that often, so it’s nothing strange to me.

Thursday: I felt really bloated, and it felt like I have this lump in my throat, which made me nauseous, though I didn’t throw up. I mostly burped and farted (sorry if I sound crude).

Friday: I had diarrhea again. The first time, the poop was yellowish and floats. For the second and third time, it was mostly yellowish liquid diarrhea, and if there was any solid poop, it couldn’t be seen through the murky liquid.

Saturday: I felt that lump in my throat again. I threw up this time, but still felt nauseous afterwards. I kept running to the toilet, even though most of the time it’s just farts instead of diarrhea, but once when I thought I farted, there was a little bit of diarrhea, really little. Then I had diarrhea again, and it felt like normal poop but turned out looking like the yellow liquid diarrhea I had on Sunday again. I can also feel and hear my stomach churn.

I am really worried because some of these seem like symptoms of liver problems or cancer.

-Loss of appetite (though this is rather common since I don’t eat that much during mealtimes)
-Back and shoulder ache (could this be due to sitting in front of the computer for too long?)
-Stomach upset (is this considered abdominal pain?)
-Fatique (I am always tired, but could this be due to me sleeping way past midnight and waking up at 2pm?)

-No jaundice so far, though.
-Also, my period is late but I can’t be pregnant since I’m a virgin.
-I’m 16, btw.

I really hope that you’ll answer my questions and would really appreciate it.

1. What is causing the yellow liquid diarrhea? Should I be worried and see a doctor?
2. Are these symptoms of liver cancer or liver problems? Or another problem altogether?
3. What should I do if the diarrhea, vomiting, nausea and lump in throat persists to curb it?

Thank you so much.
Oh, and my brother and dad had diarrhea on Friday as well, but I don’t know if it’s only a coincidence or not since they’re both fine other than that.

Answer by yogiji
food intolerance.

diarrhea and vomiting:Help! Vomiting, liquid diarrhea and churning stomach. What is causing this?


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