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Help! Having trouble breathing with vomiting and fever?
I’ve been coughing since tuesday accompanied with a sore throat and a little trouble breathing because of chest pains. I went to the doctor yesterday and got a perscription for Mucinex and Sudafed, but today I feel much worse. I’ve had a 100.6 fever for a while, and I can’t control my coughing anymore. Sometimes I cough hard enough to the point where I vomit, it’s also making it hard for me to catch my breath. Should I visit my doctor again?

Answer by scorpiorising75
Call the doctor first. They may be able to help you over the phone, or they may want you to return to the office.

Answer by Kay Krunk
You sound like you may have bronchidis (sp?)
You should go to a doctor, pronto!!

Answer by Lola
Yes, if you are having trouble breathing to the point where you are unable to catch your breath, and even vomiting, you need to see your doctor again. Additionally, since you have a fever and feel worse, you may have developed an infection since you last saw him/her.

Best of luck.

vomiting fever:Help! Having trouble breathing with vomiting and fever?


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