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diarrhea vomit

has anyone seen a case of stomach bug but no vomit and diarrhea?my toddler has fever and stomach pain-pladvice
my toddler has fever of above 102F which comes and goes twice in a day..she isnt eating anything and complains of stomach hurting …doctor said would be viral so no medicines..but i am really wondering isnt stomach virus accompanied by vomit and diarrhea…my child isnt having those classic symptoms of stomach flu ..should i get another diagnosis or let the flu run it course and go out as the dr suggested…any advice

Answer by princess1226
I have had that before, where you feel nausious but you don’t actually throw up. you could take her to another dr if you really want to. but it is possible to have a stomach bug and not vomit or have diahrea. poor little thing, hope she gets feeling better :)

Answer by LuckyChucky
Our three year old niece died a couple of weeks ago. Better make sure you hydrate, hydrate and hydrate. I’d go to another doctor. So, many of them cheated on their exams. Seems to be the norm

Answer by dub-a-licious
It could be constipation or bladder infection. If she’s not eating, is she still going the the toilet regularly? I recommend going to another doctor and insisting on her being examined thoroughly. Little ones aren’t real good at communicating and with the higher fever, this suggests an infection of some kind.

Answer by jen k
Both of my children had something similar this winter. My doctor labeled it “adenovirus.” It can present in various ways in the body, such as in the stomach. With both children I treated the symptoms, kept the fever down when it became high and made sure they stayed hydrated. It did last about 2 weeks from start to end though…

Answer by shaylealynn
I would get a second opinion. Could be a viral but it could be something else also. Ask for a Streph test, and a CBC, also ask about pneumonia. There is a rare pneumonia with no coughing, just fever and stomach aches. As a nurse and a parent be persistant.

diarrhea vomit:has anyone seen a case of stomach bug but no vomit and diarrhea?my toddler has fever and stomach pain-pladvice


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