pain diarrhea

fever, diarrhea, side pain, nausea etc.?
my boyfriend is really sick & i was wondering if anyone had any idea what could be wrong.
i know the best thing is to go to the doctor so save your typing.

my bf got really bad side pain at the beginning of the week. last night he had a fever and the side pain turned into full body aches. he also had diarrhea and was throwing up all night.

he took a nap during the day and woke up with a bloody nose. he had no idea how this happened. he just woke up with a pool of blood coming from his nose.

i forced him to drink gatorade but other than that, he hasn’t ate anything.
he said the sorest part of his body is his head. he’s never had a “headache” this bad.

he’s been eating peanut butter…..could this have anything to do with the peanut butter recall??

Answer by swtmelon012
It’s sound like something serious….take him to the doctors. That’s the only answer.

Answer by physics doctor
take him to a hospital and show him to a doctor immediately

Answer by frosted_flakes99
Actually its really hard to say but umm

if he has pain in the side does it go towards his back or move from the back to the groin… may be a kidney stone

if he has fever diarrea pain on the right upper abdomen with nausea he may have some liver problem …hepatitis, or a stone?

for the bloody nose…..injury, blood pressure or even drug use?

I really cant be sure without seeing him but i would guess a liver abnormality!

Hope he gets better soon Take care

pain diarrhea:fever, diarrhea, side pain, nausea etc.?


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