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vomiting diarrhea baby

Feeling constantly tired,nauseous and my stomach aches?
I am not pregnant (we are trying for a baby but I had my period about a week ago). I am taking Pregnacare (multivitamins for women trying to conceive or pregnant). I don’t have diarrhea or vomiting. I just feel constantly tired, sleep a lot and still feel I haven’t slept enough. I had a “soft tommy” and took Imodium to stop it and then later on that day I had the most terrible pain in my stomach,after my dinner, it was coming in waves and then it stopped. That was 2 days ago. Today I felt nauseous but I wasn’t vomiting. Now I feel better but slight ache in my belly again.
What could it be? I am worried.

Answer by (¯`·._)UnDeRcOvErÅnGeL(¯`·._)
your dying. this is how my friend died


Answer by AUNTY EM
You may well be overdoing the multivits – they can upset your tummy if they have lots of iron in them. It is also possible that you are tired because your body is having to work awfully hard to ingest and get rid of the extra vitamins you are taking – its always the best bet not to take stuff like that anyway and look more carefully at improving your diet. Fresh fruit, dark green veg and lots of fluids are an excellent start for a mum in the making.

Answer by bex
feeling constantly tired even after sleeping alot sometimes is because of anemia i used to be anemic and was always tired you might be getting stomach ache because your bloated or maybe your body isnt reacting well to the multivitamins your taking maybe think about checking it out at the doctors because you will need some advice specially if you are anemic and you get pregnant you may become very ill during the pregnancy

vomiting diarrhea baby:Feeling constantly tired,nauseous and my stomach aches?


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