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Do I have the stomach virus or the flu, or what?
I woke up yesterday morning at 2:00 feeling awful,I immediately started vomiting everywhere and I ended up sitting on the toilet vomiting and diarrhea. After like three hours, I went back to bed and slept until 11:00. When I woke up I felt okay again. So I had some yogurt and toast, then went to go meet my friend because we were supposed to go to the amusement park. We went on the ferris wheel and the teacups and I had a hot dog and a large soda. I felt a little queasy and I was feeling a bit like I had to poop. So I told my friend to wait a minute while I went to the port-o-potty. It was like a 3 minute walk from where the ferris wheel was and I was walking especially slow because I was starting to feel gross again. I was pouring sweat and farting a lot. About halfway there my stomach churned grossly and I felt so sick I had to run to the port-o-potty. I was like 30 seconds away and my stomach churned again, I threw up in my mouth. I ran to the port-o-potty and got ready to sit down and I had explosive diarrhea everywhere. I spent 20 minutes throwing up and having diarrhea. When I came out I realized that there was a line, and everyone was staring at me, I must have looked horrible and green, because a few kind looking older people asked if I was okay, I said yes and quickly ran out of view of the port-o-potty and started vomiting again. I managed to make it home and call my friend explaining what had happened. Today I woke up feeling gross and dizzy, so I’m pretty much staying in bed all day today, do I have the flu or stomach virus?

Answer by bakedtatah
It sounds like food poisening to me. Make sure you don’t dehydrate from losing so much body fluid, it can be seriously danger. Drink as much water as you can and book an emergency doctors appointment.

Answer by Ericka R
You Have The Stomach Virus, very commen but that sounds ALOT like the stomach virus, dont worry everything is alright its normal those things are commen ….go to walmart and pick up some somach virus medicine :) hope you feel better.

Answer by fact or fiction
you could have both or worse, there are some pretty nasty bugs going around. and the thing of it is, it goes away just a bit or appears to go away and then it comes right back

Answer by kt.boots20621
You could have either. But I think it was pretty stupid to go to an amusement park. Really, are you a blonde?

Answer by ♥♪♫☮daisy☮♫♪♥
You have a Really bad stomach virus. The flu is where your body starts aching all over. but usually the stomach virus will only last 1 day but some last a week or a few days.

Answer by bnnashton
You probably have gastroenteritis(stomach flu). Although there is a small possibility you could have influenza, vomiting and diarrhea are really only common in small children(when dealing with the flu). It was probably a bad move to go on rides and eat a hot dog only a day after you were throwing up. Try resting for a full 24, and gradually increasing the substantiveness of the food you are eating (move from water and soda crackers to toast, to eggs, etc.) Hope you feel better.

Answer by Karen
Sounds like a stomach virus to me, it can last 24 to 48 hours usually but I have heard of it lasting longer, your biggest mistake in what you said was going on a ride, and having a hot dog, yogurt, etc.. chances are likely you would not have gotten sick again had you allowed yourself recovery time and ate bland foods like pretzels, ginger ale.
you need to rest up and if you have a can of peaches or pears in regular syrup, take a few spoonfuls of just the syrup, it will help breakdown the acids and help eliminate the symptoms.

Answer by wandering soul.
You have a stomach bug, and now you must let it rest, if you do get hungry eat plain food only like toast or crackers drink plenty of fluids in small doses to stop the dehydration, when you feel a bit better eat soup, but not the kind where it contains creams, stay away from anything milk based!
sorry your sick its not nice bless x

Answer by melissa
If you had the flu, you would be in bed with muscle aches and respiratory symptoms.

Yes, you had Norwalk virus (stomach bug)

WHY on earth would you go to a theme park when you felt sick earlier that morning? Not only that but you risk infecting everyone else in your path.
Not cool.

I really am surprised you made it that far without being ill.For some people, it takes a while 24 hours to start feeling semi normal again.

When you are sick, you need to rest.You need to consume liquids and you need to lay off the junk.


Norwalk virus
(Just remember that hand sanitizers will not kill this virus.House hold cleaners such as Lysol will also not kill you.You must use bleach.)

The Norwalk virus causes viral Gastroenteritis which is known as the nasty 24 hour bug that causes sudden and watery diarrhea and projectile vomiting.Usually non life threating but can cause complications in the very young,elderly and those with compromised immune systems.

PREVENTION-Wash your hands before preparing food/eating food and most importantly, TOUCHING YOUR MOUTH/NOSE/EYES.

The ONLY way to become infected with this virus is if you ingest the contaminated fecal/vomit particles through your eyes,nose and mouth.

It is impossible to “breathe” in the virus BUT possible to become infected by breathing in aerosol “spray” droplets from someone vomiting right next to you.(the droplets settle within minuted but can still infect someone until cleaned with bleach)

Even if your whole family breaks out with this virus, you can prevent it by washing your hands for at least 15-20 seconds with warm water and soap.Remember that you are not killing the virus, you are washing it down the drain even if you use an antibacterial soap (which only kills bacteria, not viruses) hand sanitizers are also not successful in killing the virus.

If a member of your family comes down with the virus, let them know to wash their hands AFTER a bowel movement and vomiting.

To clean infected areas, clean with BLEACH.Clean bathrooms (all infected areas) with a bleach solution as soon as possible and be sure to prevent cross contamination and wash your hands afterwards.Especially children! wipe down all commonly touched objects like door knobs, faucet handles, light switches, toilet flushers etc.

People are STILL contagious even after 24 hours after their symptoms settle down so it is always important to wash your hands after the rest room (which you should do anyways!)

The key to staying Norwalk virus free is to keep sanitary.Wash your hands after using the bathroom…you could prevent other peoples misery as well as yours!!
TIPS:Do not share any cups/plates/utensils with an infected person and be sure to wash in a bleach solution to prevent cross contamination with the rest of your family.

vomiting diarrhea virus:Do I have the stomach virus or the flu, or what?


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