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vomiting fever

Do I have the regular flu or a stomach flu? Symptoms: NO Sore throat, NO fever, Vomiting for 2 days, Headache?
On Sunday I got home extremely tired. I came home from work and went immediately to bed and slept from midnight to almost 1 PM. This was the latest I have slept in a long time, and my schedule hasn’t changed. I woke up and felt nausea. That day, on Monday, I felt dizzy all day and threw up. I also had a severe headache and nothing would get rid of it. I was hungry, too, but with the need to throw up. I felt weak and napped for a few hours, and when I woke up I felt fine until I went back to sleep.

I had a hard time sleeping but once I woke up, I felt refreshed. I went to class and two hours later, felt like crap again. I ate lunch anyways and kept myself hydrated with a Sobe.

Now, I started to get a major headache and felt the vomiting sensation. I threw up twice but still felt dizzy. I drove home and felt like throwing up for hours. What do I have?? I am SO dizzy like car sick but 20 times worse. No fever, no sore throat, no stomach ache but lots of gas, no body pains, no coughing and no sneezing.

vomiting fever:Do I have the regular flu or a stomach flu? Symptoms: NO Sore throat, NO fever, Vomiting for 2 days, Headache?


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Texas RN
2011-06-07 15:35:08

It sounds (to me) like you have an intestinal virus… You need to try to keep your diet very blan by staying away from greasy, spicy foods, try to stay away from dairy, and anything high in fiber at least for the next 72 hours. Try not to take anything for nausea, vomiting or diarrhea as that will only hold the virus IN your system and you want to eliminate it. Be sure that you are drinking lots of water and/or fluids higher in sodium (which help you retain fluids) like Gatorade, Sprite, Ginger Ale, even Coke…try to stay away from fruit juices as the acid in them might make your stomach/intestines more irritated. If you are not running a fever and do not have any severe pain, then I would have to bet you’re most definitely dealing with an intestinal virus… I hope you feel better soon! :0)

(Whoo! Just stop here! I'm too deep!)