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Diarrhea, vomiting, temperature… ?
Didn’t eat much for the past 2 days. Had clients over so never got a chance. I woke up yesterday with high temperature which kept rising and falling… then diarrhea and after I ate a little I felt like I wanted to vomit (but didn’t).
I was told it might be food poisoning. But how could it be food poisoning if I practically didn’t eat anything, and it wasn’t out of date. Its the second day now and still the same symptoms (diarrhea, sick feeling after food but no temperature anymore). What should I do. if I don’t want to call a doctor just yet? Thanks you

Answer by NS0423
It may be food poisoning even though you haven’t been eating much for the past few days. Once you get food poisoning it takes a few days to get out of your system, sometimes longer, depending on what you ate. Or you may just have a virus/the flu. If your fever comes back, I would def go see a dr.

Answer by bob
you might not have eaten much in last few days but have eaten something thats not agreeing with you so do have a slight touch of botulism ( food poisoning ) drink plenty of fluids if persists you have to go to doctor

Answer by sherwin
food poisoning doesnt only come from food… sometimes its from water you drink… or your coffee mug… that you did not wash, or rinse well, or did not wash at all… please dont fire the one who washes your dishes : )

there are also cases where inhaled vapors can cause food-poisoning like symptoms of vomiting ,diarrhea and fever (it happened to me and i was sick for three days).

bacterias that causes diarrhea are everywhere…

with a healthy body, bacterias are destroyed by our immune system.
with a weaker body, the immune level is low such that bacterias survive… causing you what you had just experienced.

call your doctor, you need medication. your condition does not get cured easily.

please, dont neglect your condition.

diarrhea and vomit:Diarrhea, vomiting, temperature… ?


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